Helpful Resources for Bexar County


The Bail Bond Board of Bexar County: Information on bail bonds in Bexar County. This information only applies to those charged with crimes in Bexar County.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (Bail Information): Find information about the Downtown Correctional Facility and the San Antonio Correctional Facility, including jail information, inmate money procedures, bail bonds, location information, and more.

San Antonio Bail Bond Companies: A list of bonding companies licensed and approved to provide bail bond services. Here you can see Around the Clock Bail Bonds are licensed and approved by the Bexar County Bail Board to provide bonds to the San Antonio Community.

San Antonio Police Department: Find information about the San Antonio Police Department.

Phone Numbers


Around the Clock Bail Bonds (San Antonio): (210) 405-6000


Dominguez State Jail: (210) 675-6620
Bexar County Adult Detention Center: (210) 335-6010


Bexar County Sheriff’s Department: (210) 335-6010
San Antonio Police Department: (210) 207-7484
Municipal Court: (210) 207-8970


District Courts
144TH Criminal District Court: (210) 335-2511
175TH Criminal District Court: (210) 335-2527
186TH Criminal District Court: (210) 335-2505
187TH Criminal District Court: (210) 335-2517
226TH Criminal District Court: (210) 335-2446
227TH Criminal District Court: (210) 335-2304
290TH Criminal District Court: (210) 335-2696
Bexar County Magistrate Court: (210) 335-2901

County Courts
County Court at Law #1: (210) 335-2571
County Court at Law #2: (210) 335-2573
County Court at Law #3: (210) 335-2575
County Court at Law #4: (210) 335-2426
County Court at Law #5: (210) 335-2549
County Court at Law #6: (210) 335-2156

Drug Diversion Court
Adult Drug Diversion Court: (210) 335-2637