San Antonio Bail Bonds: Expert 24 Hour Jail Release

Reliable, Fast Bonds In Downtown San Antonio

Looking for San Antonio Bail Bonds? You have come to the right place. At Around the Clock Bail Bonds, we provide bail bonds to San Antonio residents 24/7, all year round. If a friend or loved one of yours has been arrested, they will typically be eligible for bail within the first few hours after their arrest. Our local San Antonio office is located at 2704 W. Commerce Street, just a short distance from the Bexar County Jail, allowing our bail bondsmen to assist you with getting your loved one released in a timely manner.

At Around the Clock Bail Bonds, we do not just provide you with financial support during your time of need, we are also experts in the legal process behind court and bail systems and will work diligently to provide you with advice on getting your loved one home as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Around the Clock Bail Bonds has been serving Texas since 2005, and we have the experience and resources to provide our customers with the highest level of legal services. Nick Kerr, our owner, has been a bail bondsman for over 20 years and is a respected, trusted name in the bail bond industry. Rest assured that when you work with us for your jail release needs, you are working with the best.

San Antonio Bail Bonds FAQ:

"How do I find out which type of bond I need to pay?"

You can find out bail information for a defendant by using the Bexar County Inmate Search  or Call Around the Clock Bail Bonds at 210-405-6000, and we will check the status of the bond for you.

“What if there is no bond information available?”

If no bond information is made available to the public, it simply mean that a bond has not yet been set. Call Around the Clock Bail Bonds at 210-405-6000, and we will check the status of the bond for you. Once the bail bond has been set, we will immediately notify you.

“How do I pay a cash bond in Bexar County?”

Cash Bonds are the full amount of the bond posted by Cashier’s Check or Money Order only. All Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to the “Bexar County Sheriff’s Office”. No cash, traveler’s checks or personal checks are accepted.